What To Wear When You’re Working From Home

What To Wear When You’re Working From Home

Most of us are back to working from home. It is natural to be tempted to stay in pyjamas all day long and only comb your hair for (endless) Zoom calls, isn’t it? Chances are that you might also start to feel monotonous and less productive than when you are in the office and interacting with colleagues, all because you have been dressed the same all these days.

But hear us out. It is possible to feel productive in a home environment and unsurprisingly, it all starts with what you put on the first thing in the morning. Without further ado, here is what to wear when you’re working from home. Read on for outfit inspiration.


Do you prioritise dressing for comfort over everything else? Opt for Tees. The staple which was considered a casual classic in a pre-pandemic world is work-appropriate now. These are comfortable, breathable and stretch as your day does.

FS Stylist recommends: The Cotton V Neck Graphic Knitted T Shirt – White and Black with “Wander” written on it.
Perfect for: Switching from Zoom calls to dreaming about holidays


Who doesn’t love Dresses? They are instant outfits, fuss-free and you can dress them up or down! You can put them on and go about your day. Considering the soaring temperatures, you should go for a Cotton dress in a cool hue that makes you look good and feel good about yourself.

FS Stylist recommends: The Cotton Pleated Shirt Dress – Blue
Perfect for: Virtual interviews, thanks to the smart collar and button details


If your workday has a lot of virtual meetings and running errands in between, then it makes sense to dress from the waist up and go for comfortable bottoms like Shorts. A top/shirt on the top will make you look polished whereas shorts will let your legs breathe and let you run about easily. And the best part? They come with pockets and in an appropriate length!

FS Stylist recommends: The Linen Slim Fit Shorts – Sap Green
Perfect for: Everything, actually.


Want to brighten your day and increase your productivity? Opt for Prints! They not just lift your mood but are also a perfect look in case you have to quickly jump on a Zoom call. And if you have to attend a virtual party with loved ones later, you wouldn’t even need to change outfits.

FS Stylist recommends: The Linen Floral Fit and Flare Dress – Pink and White
Perfect for: Team calls on weekdays to virtual dinner on weekends


Accessorising not only elevates your outfit but also tells the world who you are. Whether you’re a fan of minimal jewellery that doesn’t drag you down or want to look dressy once in a while by adding statement pieces, jewellery is meant for every personality.

FS Stylist recommends: The Handcrafted Recycled Wood Chain Loop Earrings with Pearl
Perfect for: Virtual coffee with the team to girls’ night in

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