Which Bottoms Fit Your Personality?

Which Bottoms Fit Your Personality?

Bottoms; it’s a word that makes us want to feel comfort, style, and finesse, all in one piece. We are all out of the era where the bottoms used to stick to our skin and not let us breathe. We are now in a place where bottoms need to fit us, and we don’t need to fit into them. With different jobs and personalities, we need different bottoms to make our lives easy. That’s a lot of pressure on one piece of clothing, isn’t it?

Are there any bottoms that serve us all these purposes and suit our distinct personalities?

Well, if you look closely, you might not only find the right bottoms for your personality but also your body. Bottoms that help you go from formal to casual are all here to suffice the needs of your personality.

The bottom line is — it’s all here!

Bottom Line

Who Stretches The Limit

For the woman who stretches every ounce of her effort and tries to pull off every duty, these LivIn pants are for you. No matter how difficult your job is, these pants will be your comfort zone and make things possible for you. From running around for work to moving around for exercise, these LivIn Pants will be your saviour as they can stretch as much as you do.

Olive 4-Way-Stretch LivIn Pants

Fit:  Skinny

Waist: Mid-rise

Length: Full-Length

Styling Tip: These versatile pants can be teamed with a tee or a formal top. For your last-minute plans, you can ditch your sneakers and dress up these bottoms with a pair of pumps. Slip on a formal blazer to pull off the formal look.

Colours: Black, Dusty Pink, Grey

Who Can Ace Everything

Are you the kind who does everything with perfection? The one who is always trying to ace things? Well, to summarize your personality in one pair of bottoms, the wide-legged pants came to our mind. It allows free movement for you and gives you an attire that is top-notch and flawless. Aren’t they perfect for the one who is hustling on all fronts? 

We thought so too! The trend has resurfaced from the past, and we all love it. Why? Well, the primary reason being that it’s the kind of pants that suit every body type.

Beige Wide Legged Pants

Fit: Wide-legged

Waist: High waist

Length: Full length

Styling Tip: Layer it up with a shirt dress or a long shrug for a relaxed indo-western look. Looks great with t-shirts and formal tops, both solid and printed.

Colours: White, Sap Green, Dusty Pink

Who Loves To Multi-Task

Women love to multi-task, and no matter how hard we try to focus on one thing, it never seems possible. We are genetically made to multi-task. These functional skorts will act as a saviour for all women. They look as chic as a skirt and give the comfort of shorts. Hence, these skorts will make your life unbelievably smooth.

So, to channel the multi-tasker in you, get these for yourself and pull off all your roles effortlessly.

Olive Skorts

Fit: Relaxed

Waist: Mid-waist

Length: Above-knee

Styling Tip: Wear this with a tee for a casual look and formal tops for semi-formal attire. If you’re always on the move and make plans at the drop of a hat, keep a pair of sneakers and pumps handy to style these super comfortable and cute skorts.

Colours: Grey, Black

Who Is Like A Strong Cup Of Coffee

Women are always up for challenges, and to face those challenges, we need to be in the most comfortable pair of bottoms. When we mention comfort, culottes are one type that comes to our mind. And why wouldn’t it, culottes have all that it takes to be comfortable and suit the woman who is always active like she is a ‘strong cup of coffee’.

She rushes through her day like coffee rushes in our veins and gets the job done effortlessly. That woman needs this pair for the sake of comfort and efficiency.

Grey Culottes

Fit: Wide-legged

Waist: High

Length: Cropped

Styling Tip: Pair it with a matching jacket for a top-notch formal co-ord. If you are headed to takedown a casual day, then a tee would do the justice.

Colours: Navy Blue, Dusty Pink, Sap Green

Who Dares To Dream

We all dream, don’t we? The only difference is that some of us work hard to achieve our dreams. These pants are for that kind of woman who strives to reach the stars, and her outfit should be able to describe that. The one who is straight as a line and targets her goals, in the same way, needs to have one pair of straight pants in her wardrobe. These pants are comfortable and breathable due to the fabric: Cotton Linen yarn-dyed.

An elasticated belt ensures comfort around the waist at all times. So, you need not deal with the post-meal belly discomfort.

Blue and White Straight Fit Pants

Fit: Straight

Waist: Mid-rise

Length: Full-length

Styling Tip: Dress effortlessly in these striped straight fit pants. These go well with a white tee and matching jacket for an edgy yet timeless look. Teams great with a white shirt and pastel coloured tops. 

Colours: Black and White, White, Dusty Pink

Who Is Her Own Sunshine

With all the norms that restrict women, we are perpetually trying to break them all and living life as a ray of sunshine. Every day, we come one step closer to the dream by throwing our sunshine. With a ‘nothing keeps me bounded’ attitude, we are acing our goals, and these shorts are just appropriate for that go-get-it attitude.

Grey Shorts

Fit: Straight

Waist: Mid-rise

Length: Knee-length

Styling Tip: Teams well with collared tops, t-shirts and printed tops. Add a casual element by putting on sliders and sneakers.

Colours: White, Lilac, Olive

Who Twirls Her Way Into Work 

Don’t we all love to glide and twirl through our day like a pleated skirt? It’s a piece of clothing that should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. It creates outfits that are comfortable and stylish, both at the same time. So, if you are someone who takes her day at ease and floats through her day, this versatile piece belongs to you. This statement piece is never too much and never too less. It’s just perfect like the women we all know.

Black Floral Pleated Skirt

Fit: Flowy

Waist: High-Waist

Length: Midi

Styling Tip: Pair it with a black, white or pink top to glide through your day effortlessly. Accessorising with delicate jewellery will make your look complete.

Colours: Brown, Blue, Sap Green

We hope you found a match to your personality, the one that makes you feel comfortable and confident in your skin.