At FableStreet, we have always understood the women of today, what matters to them and what they need from their clothes.

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Today, women are in a never-ending hustle to get things done. This means that women’s fashion needs to evolve beyond traditional norms. Our garments are thoughtfully created keeping this in mind. Be it that important meeting, a date night or a quick run to the grocery store, you can count on us for outfits that take you places.


Why should men have all the fun-ctional fashion? At FableStreet, every Top, Dress and Trouser is made complete with deep roomy pockets, anti-gape buttons, bra strap clasps and other details that show we care. Now make a dash for that quick coffee break at the cafe near your office without having to carry your bag. Yes, ladies, we know what a luxury it is ! :)

The Right Fit

We believe that each one of us is one in a billion and so are our bodies. We spent some time studying the body structures of Indian women and developed sizes and tailored fits services to cater to their specific needs. They say loving yourself is the greatest revolution. We say it starts with wearing clothes that fit you well and not the other way around

Breathable and Stretchy

We all have those days that start early and don’t end until the wee hours of the morning. Coffee becomes our elixir and outfits with that extra stretch, our lifesavers. To tide you over these days, we use breathable fabrics that help you move around effortlessly and add that extra flair needed to keep you looking fresh through an exhausting day


We promise the highest quality in all our outfits. Our team picks out premium quality fabrics with a great hand-feel and the right weight, to be assured of its quality. All our garments have straight and clean hems, reinforcements around pockets, clean stitches without loose threads and a lining to help you avoid transparent outfit faux pas. At the end of the day, you deserve to look your absolute best and we commit to offer you that.

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