FableStreet started in 2016 with the aim of bringing style & fit together. While we might have changed in many ways since then, one thing that remains core to the FableStreet philosophy is our dedication to Fit. We believe that a woman should be able to wear stylish clothes without having to compromise on fit, and vice versa. And this philosophy & mission like focus helps us achieve a 40% better fit on standard sizes. How to achieve this?


At FableStreet, we fully understand Indian body shapes and sizes. Before we stitched our first garment, we met over 200 women to understand the commonalities & uniqueness of various shapes and sizes of Indian body types. Our research indicated that all work-wear brands in India, including Indian brands, are using European size charts for Indian bodies, despite significant differences. Indian women are shorter and curvier than our western counterparts. Our insights, in the hindsight, were obvious and surprisingly unaddressed. This helped us standardise our sizes in a way that comes closest to a perfect fit.

Tailored Fits

We have always accepted as a brand that no matter how hard anyone tries, the uniqueness of every human body can’t be standardised. Thus, the only way to find a perfect fit for every woman can only be achieved by giving tailored fit. Most of our garments come with an option where customers can choose the option to select the tailored option where clothes will be tailor made for them by taking just 3 body measurements


As part of our tailored fit option, we have received body measurements from 10,000+ women over the last 4 years. Our proprietary Tailored Fit algorithm gets smarter everyday, with more and more women using it. With the help of 3 measurements along with your height, our algorithm extrapolates the remaining to significant accuracy, to help us get a great fit, at the convenience of your home. This data has allowed us to optimise our standard sizes with time & move as close to perfect as possible.

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