How To Find A Tee That Fits Like Nothing Else?

How To Find A Tee That Fits Like Nothing Else?

Why is fit the most important aspect of style?

Regardless of your body size and shape, a good fit is meant to flatter your body. It’s crucial to note how a well-planned get-up is worthless if you fail to find your right fit. At times, something as minute as the length of your tee’s sleeve is enough to give away a sloppy look; ergo, a flawed impression.

Clothes are generally designed for an average body type, which is why the idea of the right fit often becomes vague. However, there are certain aspects that can get you a step closer to finding your perfect fit.

Tees make up for one of the essentials in our wardrobe – essentials that are versatile. It’s about time you identified the right fitting tee for your body. Here are certain pointers you should adhere to before you add them to the cart.

No-Droop Shoulders

A tee hanging down from the shoulders is an unpleasant sight to witness. Not only does it make you look clumsy, but it is an uncomfortable fit. Such tee fits belong nowhere in your wardrobe. The cue to finding the right fit is making sure that the shoulder seams sit right at the edge where your shoulder curve begins. The right shoulder fit will feel natural & not become a hindrance in any of your daily chores. Now that’s called a well finished & clean look.

Not Baggy Or Body-Hugging

An unnecessarily wide tee is not a way to hide extra kilos, but a fit that makes you look careless & unprepared. The ideal way to avoid a loose fit is to make sure you don’t leave a lot of loose fabric on each side of the torso. That way, there is enough room for breathability during your day for movements & yet it’s not too loose to be worn underneath a blazer or a jacket. To avoid a poor fit, ensure that your tee is not too snug at the chest and instead hugs your body just right.

Non-Transparent Tees

A tight-fitting tee tends to undermine the material which makes it look transparent, more often than not. The right fit has enough room for stretchability & allows the material to flatter your body type just how you like it. The right fit comes with a material that’s not too sheer & you’re able to style it in versatile ways, without thinking of the aforementioned inconvenience. That’s how you’ll know the right fit when you see it.

Right Length For Indian Women

Nobody wants to carry a “potato sack” look by wearing too long or too loose of a tee. Length is one of the most challenging aspects of any fit. It is to be noted that the right fitting tee is supposed to end well below the lower edge of your belt. The right length makes sure you don’t expose any skin while sitting, slouching or bending, thus, making you feel comfortable in your skin, all day long. In other news, you also don’t want it to be too long that it becomes uncomfortable to even tuck in.

Right Sleeve Lengths

Whether you’re wearing a half sleeve tee or one with drop shoulder sleeves, finding the right size ensures that your sleeve lengths are on point. For instance, a drop shoulder tee length falls right below your shoulder and half sleeves are supposed to fall right above your elbows. Similarly, a full sleeve tee will fall at your wrist.

Softest Fabrics

Being a summer staple, tees are meant to take you through your day fuss-free. A soft, comfortable fabric, with enough stretchability, is a prerequisite for buying your tees. A soft tee goes a long way on a warm summer day.

A right fitting tee doesn’t ask you to sit in one position all day or to continuously be aware of how you are moving around. But instead, it allows you to feel relaxed & confident as you go about your business.

Finding a fit that not only compliments your body type but also allows you to be comfortable in your skin is not a task anymore with FableStreet.

Now that you know what the right fit feels like, feel free to take a close look at your closet & in case you don’t see the right fit, you know where to find us.

Let’s get you a tee that #FitsLikeNothingElse.